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[FFFA] ...and We're Back! (Sort of.)

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SDCC madness!
KimonoKitsy Studios SDCC madness!

Hey all!

This time, it's a real post! KS and I are back from our vacation and I feel quite refreshed and ready to get back to work!

Sort of. But first things first - a quick recap!

A lot of great things happened during our trip~ We managed to eat a lot of awesome food, meet with awesome friends and happened upon a lot of cool places unexpectedly! For me in particular, I had a really wonderful talk with some of the Flight crew at their studio just this Tuesday about comics and the choices we make in our lives to follow our dreams. Although I've had similar talks with KS over the past couple years in regards to our own works and formulating our goals, to see it in action and hear it from those who really live it on a daily basis, it was so inspiring! I've come back home with a new outlook on my work and a much better grasp as to what I do and why I do it. Perspective is a great thing to have.

Now to the "sort of."

Right now, I'm pretty jet-lagged from our delayed flight back home and my first day back was spent doing laundry and partially unpacking. KS also went straight back to work to prep for the next week. But for the most part, I had a great time on the trip and am pretty stoked about getting to work on the next chapter! Today's strips will be somewhat delayed, but I'll try my best to get it up before the end of Friday - Hawaii Time~ ^^

So I am back, physically tired but I feel a bit creatively invigorated.

Thanks everyone, for your patience thus far! Have a great weekend!

Our August East Oahu Sun strip is currently published at their website (under features!) and in our deviantArt gallery! Be sure to check it out for an extra "smile-to-go!"

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