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[FFFA] Living for the Holidays?

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Hey all!

Welcome to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

This week, Hawaii is celebrating our Admissions Day! Good news for me, as I'm still a bit behind on my workload. *cry*

Now it's time for a little "admission" of my own!

After a lot of thought over the past year, I've decided to leave my current day job to explore my potential as a webcomic artist and freelance artist. This really wasn't an easy decision to make as I've been suffering from various health issues (nothing serious, but things that needed to be addressed sooner than later) and I am getting older and need some sense of long-term stability with my finances.

For most of this past year, I was on the fence - very non-committal to making a firm decision about whether or not I should take this big step. I've had numerous heart-to-heart talks with KS about this who is and has been behind me 1000% from the very beginning. I've consulted my family who are supportive, yet understandably concerned about my welfare. I've even had chats with co-workers and my boss who look at time from further down the line and encourage me to follow my dreams and not live with regrets. Being afraid of the unknown is very human and fearing failure is one of those challenges we all have to learn to overcome.

I think for me, most everything fell into place after attending SDCC and meeting some of the people whom KS and I look up to - not so much because of their successes, but rather that they are living their dreams day-to-day and not compromising the integrity of their craft. They're the ones who take their chances and are fearless to tackle their own hurdles. I finally realized that the only things that was holding me back were me, myself and I.

So with a heavy heart, I leave my current job at the end of this month and will embark on a new journey. I don't expect it to be smooth sailing, but it will allow me the chance to really focus now that I have direction.

And so, where do you come in?

I humbly ask you all for your support as I make this transition~! Please help us grow nemu*nemu by introducing your friends and family to our comic!

We also have donation boxes throughout our site - and for the highest donor each month (ending on the last day of the month), I'll do a small postcard sized commission which I'll mail out to you~ :D (some request restrictions apply~!)

To donate, please click here:

Thanks everyone for your support thus far! nemu*nemu would not be here if it weren't for you! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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4 Replies

  • Julie aka fullcircleagain

    hey, Best of Luck with your new freedom! I think you will do well!

    I did want to mention that since you said something about health problems, to check out if you qualify for social security disability. While it isn't the end all to be all, if your medical problems restrict your ability to work, it might allow you some extra cash to help support you and give you a bit of feeling of stability. Just a suggestion.

    Good luck!

  • Kiki

    Good luck and welcome to the land of freedom from work!!Hope all goes well for you.

  • JC

    Hey there! Good luck on your new endeavor. It must have been a tough decision to leave work, but then again, running this site AND having a full-time job would be two full-time jobs! Go for broke. I'm jealous of your new found freedom!

  • nunuu

    This is awesome news! Follow your dreams! ^___^ You've been doing spiffy with nemu-nemu and I hope it grows into something even bigger!