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[WU!] Donations

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Hey all!

As I mentioned in my last post, I will be leaving my day job to pursue a "career" in comics/art.

Of course, this is a planned, but not without risk. Wages don't really grow on trees (although I wish they did!) - so we are asking for your support through three different ways!

  • Help us spread the word! - nemu*nemu advertises best through word of mouth~ By telling your friends and family about us, it helps us grow!

    Here are some of our banners you can grab!
      Nemu Can Has Grilled Cheese? Up, Up and Away!
    More to come soon!

    If you know of any shops that might be interested in carrying our books or are able to pass out postcards/mini fliers at local shops or even conventions, please contact us via e-mail!

  • Purchase our nemu*nemu merchandise! - Our shop has a number of nifty shirts, stickers, prints, craft goods and even pups still available for sale! Each sale helps us to fund more merchandise, so each and every purchase is a great way to support the growth of nemu*nemu!
  • Donate! - Seems simple enough, but little bits of pocket change really do help fund great endeavors! (Think about all those Treat-or-Treaters for UNICEF! I was one of them...)

More on donations:

I, like most people, like incentive to do things - even if it's for a good cause. After some careful thought, KS and I decided that the best way to kick things off is to start a monthly donation drive.

What does this mean?

By selling merchandise, we will make new merchandise! By accepting donations, we can better fund our books and keep prices reasonable. I will be able to devote more time to the comic and update with greater and greater frequency~! So every little bit helps!

So what is the incentive??

As I mentioned in my last FFFA post, I will be doing postcard sized commissions for each month's top donor. We won't be keeping a running tally of what the highest bid is, but we will be posting the finished product in an entry of the following month's blog.

Now, this is a great chance to actually get a requested commission from me... for potentially very cheap. I don't take commissions at conventions anymore (unless I'm requested privately beforehand, and even still - they will take a back seat to my pending project deadlines...). My aim is to get these done to the best of my ability yet in your hands before the end of the month.

So what about all the other folks who decide to donate, but win nothing?

Well, all those folks will be added into a drawing for a small gift from us. It could be merchandise, it could unique craft goods, it could even be an original drawing - the only difference is that the winning donor doesn't get a choice of what they will receive.

What's the small print?

Well, I myself have some limitations as to what I can do... and what I can fit onto a postcard sized piece of art paper. I just ask that the request be realistic (not the drawing style, theme or subject matter. I am talking about the extent of your request~) - 1 or 2 characters at the most. Images will be colored, backgrounds will be very minimal.

Because the artwork will be posted here, I do have a few stipulations. I cannot take requests for anything considered pornographic in nature, as this site is built for users of all ages.

If you are our month's highest donor, either KS or I will e-mail you to the address provided with the donation. We can discuss the details via e-mail~ :D

Thanks for following me through to the end of this week's Wednesday Update! (albeit belated!) We appreciate all your support thus far! :D We're so excited to see where nemu*nemu will go in the future!

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  • Brian

    I don't have very much money right now so I can't really donate but I have told all my friends about your website and I will put one of those banners on my website. Good luck with your new career. I think you will do great ^_^. Keep us all informed on how it goes.