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[FFFA] Busy at Work...

0 Ish Good!

Busy at work, but at the studio this time!

This is the first week of my time as a freelance/comic artist! It's such a change of pace to work at my own speed, in my own space. The transition has been an interesting change - without KS having to drive me home at night or pick me up from work, we have time to actually do rather domestic things like COOK and occasional cleaning. Hopefully, KS is getting those additional hours of rest while I can work later in the evenings. Even after all these years since my "old days" coloring backgrounds have passed, I still prefer working later hours. I guess it has to do with the night quiet and few distractions. (Not to mention it's also cooler than during the day - my desk is right in the corner by the A/C, but the heat radiates through the wood.) I'm still listening to H!P* music to keep me energized and duly entertained. XD;

Many pardons for our strips being on hold this week - if all goes well this weekend, strips should be up and running sometime next week!

And for those who have been asking:

The Real Green Lantern Ring

Thanks for all the well-wishes! We're quite excited and a little overwhelmed~

Although they didn't have the ring in my size (I doubt they make them that small...), they did have KS' size in stock, so we picked up one. It turned out that the owner of the shop also had the whole Green Lantern ring set - albeit not for sale.

All the planning has gotten a little crazy, but we're doing our best to keep to our schedules.

Also! For those who don't live around East Oahu, check out our latest East Oahu Sun strip! I sure feel the heat - do you? :D

So in the meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone!

* = H!P refers to "Hello! Project", best known for the all-girl group, "モーニング娘。"

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2 Replies

  • risa

    you listen to morning musume? wow, i haven't been updated with them lately... more like in years. lol. i used to listen to them but now i listen to m-flo or yui. yui is pretty awesomeeeee. i like her music. you should try and listen to her music if you haven't listened to any before. well it was really cool meeting you guys X3 i'm soo stoked about getting a shirt XD seriously they're really really cuuuute :3 too bad you guys don't have any tanktops like i said in the forum and email. ohhh, i just came up with a design or like the layout of the drawings. XD i'll try and draw? i have no artistic skills whatsoever. i can't draw. yeahh maybe i'll draw it out lol. yeahhhh, mmm X3 well i'll see you guys later maybe andddd i'll definently purchase someting sooner or later. :]
    --risa s. :]

  • kitsy

    I know, I'm a bit outdated with my J-pop music choices~ XD Thanks for the suggestions though! I have a few select songs from m-flo, but KS says they all sound like Will Smith music. XD;;;;
    It was really cool meeting you~! Thanks so much for your help and by all means, e-mail us with any ideas you have! :D