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[WU!] Midway through September

0 Ish Good!

Learning Something New?

Many pardons for the delays in our strip updates! I've currently got the next 3 sketched out, ready for inking and coloring tomorrow morning! KS and I have been spending our downtime during meals discussing the progression of the next few chapters. I have a lot of catch-up work to do, but I hope it will be well worth the wait!

In the meanwhile, some good news for us - I've managed to finish 90% of my portion of my Sugary Serials submission! I have a little left to go by way of small details before I hand the pages off to KS for word bubbles, lettering and sound effects. It's been a hectic month of deadlines, but I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel! No rest for the weary though - Part II's deadline is right around the corner! Our sneak peek illustration is a small look at what is to come~!

Happy Wednesday everyone! Our next strip will be up on Friday (for SURE!)

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