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[FFFA] Up & Running

0 Ish Good!
Banging on the Drums! Welcome to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

Thankfully, this Friday our strips are back up and running! I hope I can keep up with the pace! I'm trying out new coloring styles and techniques with hopes to shave down my time. If there's some interest, maybe I'll share some of my current tips and tricks sometime next week?

Today's image is cropped from a recent profile image I worked on this past week! The drums the pups are playing is a part of a larger image with us playing guitars on the side. We'd like to call it our "Saturday Shindig!" (Unfortunately, no - I'm not much of a guitar player... KS is quite the enthusiast though!)

It's hard to believe we're heading into mid-September! As promised, I'm posting a few of the things I did as gifts from the August Donation Drive. (I'm still working on one more gift art and the actual commission.)

Donation Drive 1:Anpan Donation Drive 1:Anpan2 Donation Drive 1:Nemu

Indeed, I promised that there would be a winning commission, but because I was so excited to actually have donors, I decided to gift each one of them with a quick watercolor painting of their favorite character. They have all been mailed out this past weekend and hopefully in the hands of their proper owners!

Which brings me to remind everyone of the September Donation Drive! The highest donor will receive a small commission from me while all other donors will be put into a drawing for a runner-up gift! It's never the same each month, so don't miss this opportunity to support nemu*nemu and possibly get something nice in the mail~ :D

+++Need a link? Click HERE!+++

We're also sending out gentle reminders to local folks here in Hawaii that nemu*nemu Volume 1 is still available at Jelly's Comics in the Harbor Center Shopping Plaza! Books will also be restocked this weekend at Collector Maniacs on Waialae Avenue in Kaimuki! For more information, scroll down on our book page in our online shop!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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4 Replies

  • nunuu

    Hiya! :D

    I just wanted to note that I got the book and pins today! ^____^ I love all the little extras in the graphic novel like the comments and sketches! *___*

    Can't wait to purchase volume 2! :D

  • Sophia


    I ordered 2 copies of Volume 1 into B&N to go on the shelves last weekend, so it's possible some folks could buy from there (the Ala Moana store)... sales drive stock, so we'll see if it replenishes itself.

  • kimonostereo

    Wow! Thats so cool! We were just in Barnes and Noble a few days ago. I always hope that one day i'll see our book on the shelf but it never happens. I hope folks there pick it up and maybe they'll stock it if it sells! Thanks so much!

  • Geri

    I got my painting of Nemu, thank you very much! I wasn't expecting to win anything this time around, so I was really thrilled to receive it! It was very nice of you to gift all your donors.