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[WU!] Halloween's Coming! - Part I

0 Ish Good!

Anise Kurobu 2007
Kana Mezurashi 2007

Since Halloween's coming up (and Anise's birthday!) KS and I thought it might be a good idea to post some of our latest character designs of our characters~! (Maybe some of you are considering Halloween costumes and wanted a suggestion? *hinthint!*:D)

Today, we start with our girls, Anise and Kana! Anise is actually taller than Kana by an inch or so. Anise is hardly ever seen without her hairpin - which actually does change in color once in a great while... but she prefers red. The only time she doesn't wear pants or shorts is when she's at school. She often wears her hair up in ponytails and low pigtails. Occasionally she does an odd Lei-Fang (from Dead or Alive fame) type hairdo... with the help of Kana, of course. (see here for a reference?) Oh... and don't forget the "HENSHIN" written on her shirt and grey/black armbands! A Henshin Rider fan must!

Kana's the only one with constantly changing hair. She actually gets somewhat irregular hair cuts - often around the new year. Her hair is often in pigtails, both low and high. She's a handful of months older than Anise and dresses in rather conservative clothes - usually opting for skirts and dresses. What's not pictured is her handbags/purses/bags with "Mimpii Club" written all over them in big cursive font. Usually Nemu rides around in them~

School uniform basics and the pups are coming up soon~!

Also, our East Oahu Sun October Strip is available online at EOS and on dA~! Check it out!

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