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Happy Discoverer's Day!

0 Ish Good!

Jedi Anpan~!

May the force be with Anpan!

It may not be a holiday for everyone, but many thanks to Jerzy Drozd and wife, Anne, for filling in for us not only today, but for this week, we have a short break while we focus on our deadlines!

Folks, you are in for a special treat!

We present to you our very first guest comic strip by the Drozds!
Jerzy has come up with a great 3-parter that we are almost certain will have you all busting at the seams with laughter! With Halloween right around the corner, the pups have a little bit to learn about the art of costumes...

It has been our absolute privilege to work with Jerzy and crew on Sugary Serials over the past year. We're incredibly thankful for his generous contribution of time and effort to nemu*nemu!

Be sure to check out his site, Make Like a Tree Comics with partner Sara Turner! They have a number of wonderful kid-friendly comics that will be sure to make you think back to that golden age of Saturday Morning cartoon goodness! Also check out Anne's Rocketosaurus which we think you'll love!

Make Like a Tree Comics

Have a great holiday everyone!

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