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[Blog] Delays and Progress Being Made

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SS Part II Preview - Part 2

Hey all!

Many pardons for further delays in getting our strips up this week - KS and I have been burning the midnight oil for the past week-weekend to get the second part of our contributions for Sugary Serials done. KS just finished inking the last 2 pages today while I'm catching up with scanning, editing and coloring. *collapse* I know my sleeping and errand schedules are all out of whack at the moment.

Above is just a snippet of one of our 8 pages in progress~ In the past entry, you got to see some of my clean pencils. Since then, KS has inked the lines and added a few of his own touches. I'm particularly proud of the above shot. It's loosely based on a street my family and I walked when traveling around Japan in 2002. Autumn is one of my favorite seasons - one that we really don't get to celebrate in Hawaii.

Hopefully we'll be back up and running by week's end!

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