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True Story! Nemu + Twitter + Guy Kawasaki!

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Nemu and Guy
One of the coolest things about the internet is how close it can bring you to folks you never thought you'd be in contact with. Case in point: Nemu, Twitter and Guy Kawasaki!

Guy Kawasaki Profile TwitterAbout Mr. Kawasaki: Aside from writing six books, Guy worked for Apple and was hired to evangelize the Macintosh to software and hardware developers. Guy is currently the managing director of Garage Technology Ventures and also runs the awesome Truemors website.

I've been a big fan of Guy for many years, mostly from reading his book Rules for Revolutionaries and The Art of the Start and taking a lot of the principles used in those books to my job and life. If you're into being a creative force, marketing a product or thinking of starting a new business or venture, I highly recommend them both. They're both great books and very inspirational.

So how in the world did I get into contact with Mr. Kawasaki? Although I have seen and heard him speak in person and via the internet many times, I have never had a chance to talk with him one on one. In a twist of fate, I was on Twitter one day and noticed that a Twitter friend named Champuru, was following Guy in her Twitter feed. I decided to follow Guy as well.

You can read all about how I got into a conversation with Mr. Kawasaki and why I started the conversation in the first place! You'll also see the other half of the comic above! Read Guy Kawasaki's blog for the rest of the story.

Don't forget that you can follow Nemu, Kitsy or myself on Twitter as well!

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