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[FFFA] TGIF! Again!

0 Ish Good!

Welcome to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

Boy! Time really flies when you're on deadline! Thankfully, some of our deadlines have been completed and we're attempting to get back on schedule!

In the meanwhile, I've also been working on our September donation drive commissions - For those who haven't received theirs yet, they'll be done by the end of this weekend! Thanks so much for your patience!

This is our first commission, drawn on kent board, inked and colored with Copic markers and watercolors!

Cut Throat Lawn Bowls
by *nemu-nemu on deviantART

For those who haven't checked it out yet - visit our gallery on deviantArt for various doodles, promo works, and past East Oahu Sun strips! I update there every once in a while, so if you're a member of dA, feel free to friend us! :D (Or if you have any nemu*nemu-related art posted, let us know so we can favorite it!)

Later tonight, KS and I are going to be interviewed for Kawaii Kon's very own kon-cast called "Totally Unrelated"! We're thrilled to be their very first guests! When the cast goes live, we'll be sure to let you folks know!

In the meanwhile, have a great weekend everyone!

Also, don't forget about our October Donation Drive!

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