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[FFFA] Re-organizing Things

0 Ish Good!

Boy - Thank Goodness it's Friday!

So much stuff to do with so limited time! It's hard to believe it's already the end of the week - I've hardly made a dent in my list o' stuff to do!

This week has been a lot more stressful than most - both physically and mentally. A long-time family friend passed away and we had some mild family-related emergencies. Wedding stuff is still on-going while we're hoping for good weather next week. Dental problems still plague me but thankfully just might be affordable.

I'm working my hardest to pull things together before the next set of deadlines ensue. So far, so good - but I'm not out of the woods just yet!

Here's hoping for the best!


Also! Don't forget about our October Donation Drive! The box closes at the end of the 31st!

Thanks for stopping by and have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Donna


    Thanks for sending the nemu*nemu t-shirts so quickly! (Hubby loves the Henshin Rider one I got for him.) I have also started reading the book and love the commentaries. Keep up the great work!

    After such a trying week, please have a wonderful weekend!