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Lo and Behold! The SmudgeGuard

The SmudgeGuard

There are a few things that both KS and I feel are absolutely necessary when it comes to our work process. One of the items that caught my attention early this summer is the SmudgeGuard! I really haven't been able to work efficiently without it since.

It was apparently made for lefties, who suffer from constant smudging when writing left to right. However, as all good things do, people found other uses for Jeannie's writing glove. Artists started using the glove when working on graphite drawings who then realized it would work just as wonderfully on a tablet as on a piece of paper.

For anyone who has worked on a computer as much as I do, your wrists and hands start to chafe by rubbing against the smooth surface of the tablet. Heat and sweat and smooth surfaces don't really work together too well.
The Glove Itself!
I picked one up to try for both me and KS. It arrived in the mail shortly after and from first wear, we were both in love. The glove is lightweight, made of a swimsuit-like lycra. It wraps around the wrist like a band and stretches over the pinky finger. We both wear the same size but over time we found the the glove stretches to comfortably fit the wearer. It also doesn't matter if you're left or right handed as it fits both hands the exact same way!
Wearing the SmudgeGuard!

I use the glove when sketching, drafting and during my work in Photoshop. It's almost difficult *not* to work with it! My wrist glides effortlessly over the surface and makes it so much easier to control the stylus. Especially when trying to draw graceful lines over long areas.

KS uses the glove when inking. (See below for his personal thoughts!) My only suggestion is that you take care not to touch the fresh or thick wet ink as that will smudge. I haven't had any *seriously* unfixable mishaps, but it should be noted that ink isn't one of the smudge-proof mediums the glove can handle~ ^_-

The reason I'm writing this post is that about a week and a half ago, I thought I lost my glove. I was on deadline and couldn't remember where I put it. I searched high and low around my desk, pants pockets, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom - anywhere I thought I would have taken it off and put it down. My productivity literally stopped. KS had to tell me to go ahead and wear his and just order a couple more just in case something like this happened again. I was thrilled to find out that Jeannie was having a sale on her SmudgeGuards. I bought a couple (one more burgundy and a lavender since KS was okay with his black one) and waited for them to come in the mail.

Turns out I found my glove wedged in my notebook. ^_^; My package of brand new gloves came a day later. I don't mind, as it's great to now have a back-up pair ready at all times! (So no downtime excuses when washing my current glove!)
SmudgeGuard in Action
On both the day of purchase and on the packing slip with the package, Jeannie wrote us a wonderful personalized letter. She remembered our purchase from a while back and thanked us (in a hand-written letter) for our continued support. I really wanted to return the favor for a product so well made - I had planned to write up a tutorial of our process, but being on deadline, it's been slipped to the back burner. This is a product that I, personally, endorse and would highly recommend to folks who use tablets and/or draw a lot!

KS's thoughts: "I used to use a paper towel under my palm when inking artwork. It was mainly to prevent my palm from smudging undried ink by accident as well as preventing sweat from my palm from getting onto the paper. This is something I learned a long time ago when I first aspired to be an inker. I would always accidentally rest my palm on an area that I had just finished inking and ruin the page or the heat from my palm would curl the paper or soften it somehow.

Using the SmudgeGuard is really a lifesaver because I don't have to use a bulky paper towel under my palm any more. When I was using the paper towel under my hand, each time I repositioned my hand, I'd also have to move the towel. With the SmudgeGuard I no longer have to do that because it's always on my hand. It's made of stretchy lycra so it fits well and is very light. I sometimes forget I have it on!

There was a time not too long ago when I had an inking deadline and I couldn't find my SmudgeGuard. I went into a panic. I couldn't start my project without it. Thank God i found it :-)"

For those curious for more information, please check out Jeannie Lit's official SmudgeGuard website! It's full of articles, questions asked, testimonials (like ours!) and photos!

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3 Replies

  • Dave III

    A friend of mine used to take an old sock and poke holes in it for his fingers. That glove looks a little better, though.

  • dogosan

    Oh wow, what a great idea! I dunno, I find that even with marathon CGs my hand doesn't get irrated from all the rubbing. It's the tips of my fingers holding the pen that gets blistered. It's funny, the very tip of the pen grip has worn away after it turned yellow from all the oils and sweat... xp

    I should look into that glove though.

  • Ray

    That glove is just what I've been needing! I use a wacom, and I've been making do with a small piece of tracing paper between my hand and the surface. It tends to drag ALL the time, and frustrates the crap out of me! I can't wait to try the SmudgeGuard out - I think it'll make things much easier around here, especially in the summer! :-)