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Happy (Halloween) Wedding!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

Yotsuba - Halloween

Happy Halloween!

A nemu*nemu Halloween Comic is posted here!

This year we don't have anything special nemu*nemu-wise to share, but we are tying the knot today! It's been a crazy month and a half with a lot of love and loss to go around, but we're taking things easy for the rest of this week with regards to our updates. We hope you don't mind~! :D

As of today, I am caught up with the September Donations which are currently en route to their respective owners~ Also, this is a last reminder for folks to get in our October Donation Drive! Our top donor will receive a commission, while all other donors will be pooled for a runner-up drawing or craft item!

Every little bit helps us to keep nemu*nemu going!

Happy Trick-or-Treating everyone!

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