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KimonoKitsy Studios Thank You~

0 Ish Good!


Thanks everyone for all your support and well-wishes yesterday!

Despite the torrential rain and wind, it was the perfect day for our wedding. Unfortunately, a friend of ours took our memory stick with all *our* photos on them, so we don't really have anything to share until maybe this weekend!

A big thanks to everyone who attended and helped out!
-Scott & Audra

Wedding from Heather
P.S. - Thank you Heather for your sketch of us! It was so sweet of you! :D We absolutely love it!

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4 Replies

  • hikaruhan

    congradulations~ ;o;
    you guys look so cute, hope to see some pics soon ;3

  • Suta

    Eeee! Cute <3

  • erikochan

    No problem! The pleasure is all mine! :3

    Congratulations again, you two! And don't work too hard!!

    PS. Let me know if you need it in higher resolution (like maybe you want to print it out or whatever.) I inked it in Illustrator, so it's all vector goodness! :D

  • Kiki

    Congratulations and may many more wonderful years follow!