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[FFFA] 200!

0 Ish Good!


We've finally hit our 200th strip! (This also includes our East Oahu Sun comics that prints in their monthly publication - currently, these can be found on our dA gallery~ until we can get our site revamp up and running!)

Speaking of which, our November strip is also available for view at the East Oahu Sun features page and on deviantArt!

Funny that it includes pancakes - we recently purchased a grill/skillet plate that fits over our gas stove elements. We haven't made our pancakes yet (have yet to find the time to go grocery shopping...) but we can only hope ours come out half as nice as Kana's.

Now that it's finally up and running, you can grab our interview with DotxHacker, the Assistant Director to Kawaii Kon's Artist Alley, and Sako, his trusty co-host. It was the first of a 2 part introductory podcast that they created to generate some interest for the upcoming convention in April 2008.

Here's some more info about the podcast, "Totally Unrelated" from the creators themselves:


To listen to the podcasts, check out the Kawaii-Kon Artist Alley forums!
Or just click here to head straight there~!

They are in MP3 format and may take some time to download. You can listen to them on any digital music player of your choice.

KS and I are both featured in Side B which is roughly an hour long. We talked about everything from our strip, a few tips on how we do things at the "studio" and what some of our future plans hold. We're terribly honored they asked for our participation in their very first podcast! It was a fun experience and wish them the best of luck with their future casts!

Also, thanks everyone for your kind well-wishes on our wedding! It was a memorable day for the both of us and we're glad you could share it with us in spirit!

And as always, help us keep nemu*nemu alive! We've already kicked off our November Donation Drive~ Our October donor gifts will be ready for view shortly!

Thanks everyone~! Have a great weekend!

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2 Replies

  • Suta

    Well done! Keep up the good work =D

  • Billy

    Congrats on the 200 and thanks so much for the inspiring interview. :] It motivated me to work faster and make time. I'm surprised how many of the questions/answers given applied to me. XD