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[WU!] Networking!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

Thanks for sticking it through to Chapter 17!

KS and I are behind on our dailys until the end of this week - one last big deadline rush for our SS project and then we will resume work as usual!

I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and I'm sure many of you will be too! A few lingering questions from Book 1 might find some answers revealed!

In the meanwhile, if you're interested in following our daily progress and random ramblings, find us on Twitter!

In short, it's a something like a "what am I doing right now" blurb/blog in less than 140 characters - at any given time. I've come across some pretty interesting people from all around the world just by finding familiar faces and linking to them! We update all throughout the day - and you never know who else might be twittering right around the corner!

Ani Fall

  • I (Kitsy) can be found here!
  • KS can be found here!
  • While nemu can be found here!

(Unfortunately, Anpan does not have his own twitter box.)

Facebook Logo ...dun dun DUN!
We are also on facebook! If you're currently set-up on facebook, be sure to hook up to KimonoKitsy Studios!

We just set up shop there yesterday, so please bear with us while we attempt to spruce things up and get to know the lay of the land. If you're a facebook pro, feel free to message us with some tips and tricks! :D

Lastly, just a reminder to everyone that our November Donation Drive is still going strong! As always, our top donor of each month will receive a commission from me (Kitsy), while runner-ups will be placed in a drawing for a secondary prize!

Our latest runner-up drawing from September features Nemu & Dinopony!
Thumbnail image for Nemu & Dinopony

All of our past donation drive artworks are posted on our dA gallery for the time being! If you're interested in participating this month, just click on the image below!

Many thanks to all our supporters, be it through word-of-mouth, donations, links back to nemu*nemu or purchasing merchandise! We really appreciate all of you~ from the bottom of our hearts!

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