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[FFFA] JetPens!

0 Ish Good!

Hey everone! Welcome to another Friday Free-For-All!

Today, I must take some time to absolutely rave about something I happened upon second-handedly on Twitter!

Mono Erasers John Gruber of Daring Fireball recently tweeted about a small stationery shop called JetPens. This is where I found these AWESOME Mono erasers. I picked up a Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.3 mm - Circle, Tombow Mono Zero Eraser - 2.5 mm x 5 mm - Rectangle and a Tombow Mono One Mini Twist Eraser

Okay, anyone who knows me KNOWS I'm a sucker for all things cool when it comes to stationery... and this store is like my accessible version of Kinokuniya. The second I found out about these erasers, I immediately put them into my virtual shopping cart.

mono erasers closeupMono erasers are by far a must-have in my pencil bag, on my desk, in my purse. I found out about them when I was in middle school and have made it a point to always have at least one readily available at all times. I haven't come across another eraser that scrubs my paper as clean.

Anyhoo~ what makes these cool is:

  1. they're click style erasers,
  2. they fit nicely in my bag, and
  3. they are so skinny!

It makes erasing super fine areas so much easier! I just have to be careful how hard I press down so I don't break the tips.

Stationary Goods Along with my erasers, I also purchased a couple other items: Liliputian sized correction tape pen (complete with lanyard cord), a mini fountain pen, a Dr. Grip "shakey" mechanical/sharp pencil, a folded leather pencil case, and a couple inking pens for KS. (The pink bear is something I got in Japan with an energy drink a handful of years back.)

The best part of the whole thing? I just put the order in on Wednesday afternoon and got my order in the mail just yesterday! I was stunned I got the order so quickly!

They also have a free shipping promotion for orders over $25, which is awesome incentive~! Yayness!

So, what's your favorite stationery item that you MUST use? :D Please do share!!

Full disclosure: Clicking on any of the links to JetPens and purchasing stuff helps nemu*!

Enjoy the weekend everyone! Strips should be starting up again next week!

P.S. Thanks for the correction~! It's "stationery", not "stationary"!

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3 Replies

  • Kiki

    Wow this site is awesome!I have to get me some of those mechanical pencils and those pens are nice!It's hard for me to find a decent eraser as well. At least they do international shipping too! Hooray! Thanks for the info,I am so buying some drawing materials.

  • Kim

    Thanks for the info! I am going to check out the site right now! I love stationary stuff too ... though I'm supposed to be saving my moolah for next year's trip to Japan. aaarrggghh! The agony ... pens or trip to Japan? hahaha! Ok, no brainer there.

    I picked up these mini fountain pens in Japan Town in San Francisco. They are the Pilot Petit 1 fountain pens. They come in all sorts of colors! We got a teal one for Rob and a pink one for myself. I enjoy writing in my journal with this pen. I would've bought more when I found them in Tokyo but ... I was trying to restrain myself!

    I also found this pen at this store (major department store in Tokyo whose name I can't remember at the moment) because a doc from work asked me to pick some up for his daughter. But they were out so I ended up getting them from Tokyu Hands instead, which was a little more expensive. Anyhow, the pen I love is Pilot's Dr.Grip with the soft grip. It writes very smoothly. Unfortunately the soft grip picks up lint. =P

  • salee

    doh they are out of the mono mini erasers ! I'll purchase some things when those come back into stock :(