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Monday delay but on the way!

0 Ish Good!

Oh My Pizza! (SSpt3)

Mornin' everyone!

It's officially Monday morning here in Hawaii and I'm actually done the coloring for today's strip, but lettering is on hold until later today.

I'm trying out new techniques to help speed me through the process - I'm still a perfectionist at heart and have a hard time just letting minor things slip though the cracks. Putting forth a tri-weekly comic sort of conflicts with those inner feelings of wanting to achieve my higher standards of what I deem is "okay". I've been testing these techniques out with the East Oahu Sun strips for the past couple months and they seem to be almost unnoticeable.

Anyhoo~! Feedback is always appreciated! Thanks so much for the kind comments left thus far and I'm so excited to be moving to a brand new chapter with nemu*nemu!

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4 Replies

  • nunuu

    Random question:

    Have either of you ever pondered what Anpan and Nemu sound like? ^^ It'd be neat to see a little Flash animation of them with voices! ^o^~

    I'd imagine Nemu would have a more baby-like voice and Anpan have a similar voice but deeper. :3

  • kimonostereo

    Ah! Great question! We'll answer this one shortly...

  • Anise (really)

    I love this comic, it's about me!
    Anise-Scorpio, Birthday is 1st Nov, live with my Da & 3 cats
    I have a dalmation puppy just like Anpan, his name is Lucky!
    He looks very like him though somehow.He is a "stuffie", but I <3 him
    Also my bast frriend is very much like Kana!
    I haven't heard of Henshin Rider outside of this comic, but do watch similar programmes.
    Anise is weirdly like me, dresses the same, eats the same, talks & acts like me!
    Who are you people?
    Anyway I can't ride a push-bike yet, but I do have a motorbike (Honda CM 125 if you're interested)so i need to learn so i can pass my C.B.T.!

  • ironchef38

    Your comic continue to be very impressive. A good deal of them are also quite funny. Keep up the great work.