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[FFFA] Post Turkey Day 2007

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Happy Turkey Day everyone!

We're sorry we're missing today's update, but yesterday was a day of way too much food and today was a day of errands. (Can you believe we've actually missed the malls today?! Much thanks to my family for doing all the dirty work for me while they're on vacation~!) :D

Truth be told, we've been pretty busy wrapping up our projects which are finalizing quite nicely~! I've got a bunch of great ideas in line for the chapter that's currently unfolding and are brainstorming some new designs for next year's conventions. As the year comes to a close, the schedule feels more and more hectic - but on the other hand, it's a neat experience to be busy.

As most people across the nation, we spent Thanksgiving with KS' side of the family. KS' uncle is quite the gourmet in the kitchen - our spread ranged from the traditional turkey and ham with potatoes and green bean casserole to maki sushi, gau gee, smoked salmon, and salad. Even though we were quite stuffed at the end, there was a large spread of desserts to choose from too. I was so full, I had a side ache for the rest of the evening. XD;

Our Black Friday was spent running errands around town and attempting to avoid the mad rush of shoppers at all the major malls here. We enjoyed a yummy breakfast at Diamond Head Grill where I had their signature pork hash and KS ate their triple stack of blueberry pancakes. Usually, they're a huge line and service is slow, but I guess all their patrons were currently out shopping. Score one for us! The rest of our day has been somewhat uneventful - the closest we've come yet to the malls was heading to the Ala Moana building to do some banking. From the windows upstairs, we could see the parking lot was packed full with cars swarming around for spots. Scary sight indeed~

We might venture our a little after dinner to peek on some last minute deals. :D

How did you all spend your Thanksgiving holiday?

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  • Billy

    Glad to know you had a great Thanksgiving. :D I was actually very surprised about Ala Moana given that most people usually wake up at around 4 or even earlier. When I went there at around 6, the second floor parking lot was practically empty! o_o And when we came out an hour later, it was all full. Surprising, isn't it? I thought there'd be more people at 6.

    And can't wait to find out who the new character is. :)