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Latest News: [Notice] Black Friday and Holiday Sales!



Cyber Monday!

0 Ish Good!

It's Cyber Monday! Are you folks out shopping for those great web deals today? :D

I think both KS and I had a great Thanksgiving holiday! We missed out on most of the super sales (and crowds), but did manage to pick up a few choice items at Best Buy yesterday afternoon!

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings       Cooking Mama 2
Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings and Cooking Mama 2: Dinner with Friends for my Nintendo DS~!

I don't often have time to play games, so I tend to choose ones I can pick up and put down without too much consequence to the game play. So RPGs, puzzle games, rhythm games and strategy games are my genres of choice.

I used to be a pretty big follower for the Final Fantasy series - my all-time favorite still being FFVI, followed closely by FFIX. By the time FFX came out, I just didn't have the time to play and sort of fell out of the loop. At Best Buy, I had the chance to pick up FFIII or FFXII for the DS and chose the later. The reviews seem pretty good and I'm hoping that I'll be somewhat decent at RTS (Real Time Strategy).

Cooking Mama 2 was an easy choice. I picked up the first one and unlocked all of the recipes within a couple weeks. I have yet to "master" (a.k.a. get gold medals) more than half of them, but it's a fun game to attempt to wind down the night with.

As I'm still in the middle of Phoenix Wright 3's second case, I think I'll save these for when I have more time to engross myself in the game. XD;


In the meanwhile!

nemu*nemu has a facebook group!

I apologize if this is super redundant... I'm still trying to understand all of facebook's workings and realized just today that there's a difference between "Pages" and "Groups"...

I think "Groups" would be a much better section to promote conversation and networking ... so I'll be making the official announcement soon on the KimonoKitsy Studios page on Facebook regarding the shift over to the nemu*nemu group.

So sorry for the hassle! Again, if there are any facebook gurus out there who can lend some advice, it'd be much appreciated!

Enjoy your Cyber Monday shopping! Let us know if you find any good deals! XD

P.S. - Speaking of great deals... Remember our post about JetPens about a week ago? They're currently advertising a post-Thanksgiving 10% off coupon for their newsletter subscribers! What timing!

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