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St. Andrew's Priory Holiday Fair 2007 Report

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SAP Holiday Fair - Booth

Our booth, complete with our last-minute hand-painted sign!

Greetings all!

SAP Holiday Fair - TableWe battled through the humidity and made it through the St. Andrew's Priory Holiday Fair! Many thanks to everyone who came out of their way to see us! With flash flooding throughout town, multiple events going on this morning, limited parking, and being hidden behind all the festivites by the art classrooms, we're especially thankful for the effort!

It was a great opportunity to meet new people and reconnect with some old teachers and staff! Even KS saw some very familiar faces and old friends. (What a small world this is!) I'll be returning solo to Priory sometime later this month to talk to a handful of the art classes about what we do and maybe a little bit about how we do it. It should be pretty exciting - I could definitely use some practice with speaking publicly~!

For the Holiday Fair, we hauled out all of our in-stock merchandise of prints, shirts, felt pouches, pins and books. We felt they were very well received! Unfortunately, no new merchandise this time around, but fret not - lots of ideas are churning out for the 2008 convention season!

Thanks again to everyone who stopped by~!
Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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