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East Oahu Sun - December Strip UP!

0 Ish Good!

Gingerbread Shack

Just a notice that our latest East Oahu Sun strip is up for view on their website and in print around the Hawaii Kai area!

For those who don't live in East Oahu, we've been posting them in our dA gallery for the time being!

Scroll back through our gallery there to find our earlier East Oahu Sun strips!


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2 Replies

  • chris

    i couldn't comment on the dA gallery, but i love it!
    you guys are hilarious.

    <3 nemu in frame three... and the broccoli tree!

  • chris

    it didn't post the rest of my comments... D: i had a <3 sign in it. maybe an sql thing, might wanna check it out?

    original 2nd half of comment:

    heart nemu in frame three, and the broccoli tree!