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Site Updates in Progress!

0 Ish Good!

If you're a regular to this web comic, you're probably noticing the site updates. If you're new to nemu*nemu, welcome!

I've been working on this new layout for quite sometime and it's quite a relief to finally get it up and running. There's still a lot of work to be done and I didn't have quite enough time to finish it all tonight. So with that said, I'll be taking my time and doing my best to update the rest of the stuff that I didn't get around to yet.

Some of the cooler features we've implemented:

  • Nemu Comic Status: Now you can see the progress for the comic strips as we make them. We'll be posting updates via Twitter to let you know how we're doing. For those of you who haven't tried Twitter yet, you should! We're both Twitter addicts and we'd love to add you as a friend.
  • Comment Notification: For every comic strip and blog entry we make, you are always welcome to leave a comment. What we'd really like is a way to create a community with you all. There are some comics that really get a lot of comments and they are fun to read. If you leave a comment, you now have the option of being notified via email when a new comment is posted to the comic or blog you commented on. In many ways, this will probably be better than having a forum for us. And of course, you can unsubscribe easily.
  • Slightly Better navigation: For every comic, I've added in a preview panel for the previous and next comics. I plan on updating the archives to give better access to the various chapters. That will take some time so please be patient!
  • Comic Transcription: Any comics published from this time on will include a transcription. Since our comic is actually a graphical image, there is no real way to search for something on nemu*nemu. We're hoping that adding in the transcription will help this. By transcribing the scene, and dialog, it will also help search engines catalog our content as well.
  • Share Nemu: Every comic and blog entry has many cool ways to either promote, share or bookmark that particular entry.
Thats all for now... more to come shortly... but now... it's time for bed!
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3 Replies

  • Scott

    Wow! The site looks great!
    I am a little sad that the news and stuff isn't on the side of the page, but I always scroll down anyway.

    Is there a way for the fans to help you transcribe past nemu*nemu comics?

  • kimonostereo

    Hi! Thanks for the compliment!

    If you'd like to help transcribe the comics, just email with your transcription and we'll put it in.

    I'll be working on a submission form for that as well shortly.

  • kimonostereo

    Still working on site updates slowly! The Comic and Blog archives have been completed and I've also tweaked some of the CSS a bit. I'll be working on the about, extra and of course the shop section this weekend.