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The Pups' Post-Christmas Wrap Party

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The pups post-christmas wrap party

Greetings everyone!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas holiday! KS and I had more than our fill of food - dinner with KS' immediate family on the Eve, lunch with his grandfather's side of the family on the day of, and a small cozy dinner with my family last night. We are more than stuffed (as Nemu would say, "double stuffed!") but quite content. I hope the coming months will allow us some time to work off some of the extra pounds we'll be putting on this week alone!

As you can see, the pups had their own fun de-boxing all the Christmas goodies. From cookies to candies, to a strange robotic bunny called "Nabaztag\tag"... it was quite an eventful day.

BTW~! If there are any other Nemu or Anpan owners out there with photos they'd like to share, please message or contact us! We'd love to set up some kind of flickr group or facebook gallery! :D

Many thanks for all the holiday greetings, cards and gifts! You've all helped to make their holiday super special! Good food, good company, good times!

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