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Final Donation Drive of the Year

0 Ish Good!

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it? We have finally come to the end of 2007 - looking 2008 straight in the face! :D

I am running the final Donation Drive of the year! This month, all donors will receive a drawing in the mail - while our top donor will receive a commission, as usual. The last day to get donations in to be a part of this cool promotion is December 31st!

or simply click any of the donation boxes around our site!

For those who have been graciously supporting us throughout the year, we'd like to thank you as well! Please use this form to let us know how you've been spreading the word and love of nemu*nemu! Be sure to add in a mailing address for us to send you something in the mail as well! :D

Happy Holidays Everyone!

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