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Just for fun: Gravatar Added and other stuff

0 Ish Good!

gravatar-sample.jpgHi nemu*nemu folks! Just for fun, I've added Gravatar support to the comments section of both the Comics section and the Blog. Getting your own Gravatar is free and easy! Just go to Gravatar and sign up. Your personalized Gravatar will show up next to your comment automatically when you comment since it's linked to your email address. I'm hoping to get the extras section up and running soon so everyone has a lot of nemu*nemu avatars to choose from and use if they wish.

I've also added separate RSS feeds for those who'd like to have a Comics only or Blog only feed. You can find them on our subscribe page.

Lastly, we added a ShareThis icon for every comic and blog entry on nemu*nemu. This allows you to bookmark nemu or share using social bookmark sites like, technorati, StumbleUpon, Digg, Reddit, etc. automatically by just clicking the one you use. You can also email the comic or blog to a friend via this link.

Have a safe weekend and enjoy the Holidays!

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