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First Podcast: The Nemu and Anpan Show!

1 Ish Good!

Well they finally did it. Nemu and Anpan found out that Ani's Kiwi PodPal could record their voices and decided to record a little something just for the nemu*nemu fans! We're not sure how often the pups will be playing with the Kiwi PodPal though... They don't even know we're posting it here for the world to listen to!

You can also subscribe to the pup's Podcast Feed by putting this url into iTunes or your favorite podcast player!

Enjoy a little taste of the Anpan and Nemu Show!

UPDATE: You can now subscribe to or get the podcast directly in iTunes! Click here to be transported to the podcast in iTunes!

Download the podcast here: nemu*nemu Podcast 12-30-07

Next: Anpan and Nemu Show Episode 2

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6 Replies

  • Kim

    Cuuuuuute! I heard a preview of Nemu's voice before and thought it was so perfect! I didn't know what Anpan's voice would sound like but now that I can hear them both together, I think it fits!

    Way to go Anpan and Nemu radio show! Oops! I meant Nemu and Anpan!

  • kimonostereo

    Anpan and Nemu thank you for the compliments! Hopefully they will be encouraged enough to want to do more for us!

  • Jerzy Drozd

    Subscribed! Can't wait for the next installment. I think this is absolutely brilliant. And now I can't help but hear those voices when I read the comic.

  • Ryan S.

    What equipment did they use to record that? I have a hard time thinking that a USB headset fit properly on their heads...

  • kimonostereo

    If you look closely at the photo of the two pups, they're using the iPod with a microphone attached... at least thats how I *THINK* they did it... Hmmm.

    Maybe they have a recording studio underneath Anise or Kana's bed?

  • Cherry

    Yay! I get to hear what Anpan and Nemu would sound like!
    They are so cute! Thanks for telling me about it at the library KS! It's so cute!!!