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Happy New Year 2008!

0 Ish Good!


Happy New Year!

Like last year, at midnight KS and I hit our local temples/shrines for our usual blessings, charms/omamori, and fortunes/omikuji. We managed to get to the furthest one out just before midnight. The line was long, but manageable and the weather held up quite nicely throughout the evening~!

This year, I picked up an omamori/charm for our studio and a good luck arrow that came complete with a wishboard. As you can see above, the arrow is simply made - no arrow point, but paper is wrapped around the shaft and a bell and paper are attached. KS has it stuck in a crevice near our room curtain - for now - for lack of a better place to put it~ XD

We finished off the trip with our "omikuji" or fortunes. For the first time in a number of years, we both received "excellent" luck~! What an exciting way to start off our year! :D

I hope everyone else had a great start to their new year!

P.S.! Our strips are a little behind schedule, so you may notice a delayed "Christmas" theme running throughout our next few strips. Our New Year's strips will be running shortly thereafter~ Sorry!

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