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[WU!] Puzzling

0 Ish Good!

Greetings everyone!

It's already mid-week and I've been steadily hammering away at our deadlines. I have one month to finish all the content for nemu*nemu Book 2. I'm a bit stressed by the volume of work that needs to be done, but luckily, we have more ideas for short arcs than we have space in the book. :D (Which is infinitely better than stressing out with absolutely no ideas in mind.. o_O;)

So far, we're jamming away quite nicely! For those who want to keep up-to-date with our progress, you can watch our twitter joint twitter feed - "kimonokitsy" at the twitter site or watch the box on our front page! (Just look for the OMP faced Ani!) Feel free to friend us there as well!

In other news....

poupeegirl fashion brand community
In the meanwhile, I've been spending a decent amount of my free time dressing my virtual doll on a Japanese site called "Poupee Girl". (Don't ask me why they call it that~ I'm not sure myself!) It's geared for girls to show off their fashionable goods and collect ribbons to purchase goods on the site. Also by posting photos of clothing/accessories/dolls you own, you can potentially get more items to dress your character with.

Think of it as an interactive paper doll site with lots of nifty events and incentives~!

I barely missed the Hatsumode/New Years event where we could buy our very own virtual good luck arrows and kimono. Today, it seems there's a fukubukuro (lucky bag) event going on where you drop 50 ribbons for mystery bags which I believe will open soon.

Although the site is in Japanese, there's also a good of English all over to allow for easier navigation. :D

If you're interested in joining, there is a bonus incentive for both the referrer and newcomer of 30 ribbons! E-mail us with this form and I'll send you an invite to the site~! Be sure to put "poupee girl request" in the comment box!

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2 Replies

  • mitch

    Thank you so much for your fantastic slice of stress relief..For me, i can't wait to sit down to the computer and read the latest antics and adventures..It's not only very entertaining, but it sure is fun as well..Again my thanks..


  • kitsy

    Thank *you*! We always appreciate hearing from folks like yourself! ^_^