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The Hanetsuki Finale

0 Ish Good!

And so we finally finish the Hanetsuki New Year strips!

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Hanetsuki is more of an old-fashioned game... and I'm not sure people play it anymore? More often than not, you will see the boards (called hagoita) on display with elaborate applique or designs painted on them. I've seen some local restaurants and families with them decorating their walls and shelves, but never have actually seen someone play it here in Hawaii~

Today's strip title and theme is sort of modeled off the popular anime/manga series "Prince of Tennis". Although I never really got into the series as some of my friends, it was amusing to see how they could make a sport like tennis so exciting by adding good-looking guys and incredible moves. (In fact, the Japanese are pros at making the mundane seem awesome... like "Yakitate Japan" - where bread making becomes a seriously competitive sport, or better yet, "Hikaru no Go" making Japanese chess exciting.)

Today's strip is just a nod to those greats who have forged the path for folks like us~!

As we end one thought, a new one starts on Wednesday!

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2 Replies

  • Replier

    Hikaru no Go is actually about "Go" not "Shogi". It's very good anime though.

    Sport based anime is mostly about the journey of the Hero from zero to hero and their relationships with others (an ancient ghost in case of Hikaru), so when you see a baseball based anime expect little baseball and more drama.

    PS: A Hanetsuki match between the puppies would be too cute, I can has? :3

  • kitsy

    You're quite right~ I was looking for a better way of describing "Go".. and "chess" was the first word that came to mind. Perhaps "Othello" would have been a better choice? ^^

    I agree about the Zero to Hero theory - that seems to be at the core of most series in general. Often to make the character likable and allow the reader to connect with them. When making my post, I was thinking about series like Ranma 1/2 which made up the most ridiculous martial art moves to outdo each other, or Initial D which took car driving/drifting to an art form. XD;

    Hanetsuki between the pups would be awesome~ I'll have to see about that. XD