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Happy (Belated) Birthday Kana!

0 Ish Good!

Happy (Belated) Birthday Kana!

Unfortunately, I missed this by a few days.. I hope she doesn't mind. ^_^;;

"Who is the Crimson Scarab?" Part I has finally reached it's conclusion at Sugary Serials! The full issue (with Matt Putnam-Pouilot's Daring Dodo and Mark Rudolph and Jerzy Drozd's Galactic League of Marshalls!) will be available for purchase in print via Indy Planet soon!

Part II will enter rotation next month, so stay tuned! Hope you've enjoyed the adventure thus far!

Meanwhile, I'm so amused by all the talk of pineapples in our latest comic entries! Fear not, visuals will be underway very soon. Pineapple burgers actually do exist. Perhaps they give that extra "Hawaii" feel and taste to ordinary food?

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of pineapples - although to be fair, Maui Golds are some of the best I've had yet. They've very sweet and juicy. Sort of like corn and Kahuku corn. Sometimes, there's no comparison. ^_^

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3 Replies

  • Jules

    Aww My bad!!, Belated birthday wishes too Kana! <3

    And the pineapple burgers...mmmmm! Thats the one thing I loved when I last went to hawaii (my husbands parents have a timeshare in Honolulu) ^_^.

    *sigh* So want to go back to hawaii, scotlands just so cold. :)

  • nunuu

    I love cooked pineapple in food. *___* Hawaiian pizza is actually one of my fave kinds of pizza. And there's this Chinese dish that has pineapples in it too (forgot what it .... is ............. ^^;;;)!

    However, raw pineapple or even the canned stuff sort of hurts my tongue after a while. :/ I can never eat many slices of the stuff in one sitting. :/

    Also! The Crimson Scarab storyline is cute. ^o^ I love Anpan and his jumping to conclusions! Or is he? :OOOOOO

  • kitsy

    Actually, now that you mention it - my mom puts canned pineapple chunks in her sweet and sour spareribs. She loves it like that, but I tend to eat around the pineapples. Although, leaving out the pineapples changes the flavor of the recipe... like chili without beans. X_X;

    The Crimson Scarab storyline is just warming up! :D A few more things will be revealed in Part II~!