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Nemu Loves Milk!

0 Ish Good!

DailySketch2008-004.jpgOne of my (many) resolutions this year is to draw as much as I can - and post them! I have sketches all over the place, but never quite feel comfortable enough to show them. So to break that habit and instill some new and more positive ones - I'm starting to open my sketchbook to you - our readers!

Nemu's a big fan of everything soft, gooey, chewy, and sweet. I think we've just added milk to that long list of loves. ^_^

I'm not a big fan of milk myself - but while working at a local Japanese wholesale mart during my college days, a customer suggested I try "Milky" candies. (Just as you see on Nemu's drink box.) It's a sweet milk toffee chew - like caramel or those infamous "white rabbit" candies from China. For a little while, I was addicted to them. In Japan, they're just as much an accessory as they are a candy!

Ah... I miss them every now and again~

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