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Protopups in the Wild!

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Dog - Hiding in the Shadows
Hey all!

We wanted to kick off this week with some really awesome news!

For those of you who missed out on our first set of stuffed pups, you're very much in luck!

Introducing our latest plushies - featuring Anpan & Nemu!

Yes, the pups are back in full force! Ready to cause much mayhem and will certainly turn your lives upside down!

These pups are currently in production and if all goes well, should be ready for sale by the end of March - just in time for Kawaii Kon '08 and Fanime.
Watching the Setting Sun

The ones you see here are our prototypes from the factory. They stand (or rather, sit) at about 8" tall, densely stuffed, and are made of really soft plushy fur! They are properly weighted in the butt so they will sit upright with no problems. Their eyes are embroidered on and their scarves are fully adjustable/removable!

Since we know not everyone can make it to conventions, we will be opening these pups for pre-order in the near future. The best way to get in on the action is by signing up for our mailing list! The second way is to express your interest via our contact form or comment to this post! (We can see your e-mail address, but it's not made public.)

Please note: As promised, our second set of pups are NOT the same as our hand-made ones. The first set of 50 pups are still very special as each one is unique - literally handmade from scratch. We consider these pups as our "mascots" - they are not really sized to scale but are designed to look much closer to how the pups appear in our strips - chibified!

Last note! Did you know we have a flickr account? Our feed is hiding at the bottom of our front page, aptly named "anpanr"! Add us a contact or watch us from here for fun plushy shots or sneaky new updates (like this one)!

Likewise, if you have photos of your nemu merchandise that you'd like to share, send us photos! We'd love to add them to our gallery!

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