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[FFFA] Works in Progress

0 Ish Good!

n2-draft1.jpg Greetings all to yet another Friday Free-For-All!

As promised, I'm displaying the roughs for some drawings I'm doing for Volume 2 - it's nice to have a break from constant strip work. I'll be showcasing more throughout the weeks to come. As for the final drawings? Well, you'll have just to get a copy of volume 2 when it comes out in April! :D

In the meanwhile, the pups seem a little morose - especially Anpan. Why, you may ask? Well, no one answered his question of the week! We've heard through the grapevine that folks had trouble hearing the actual question, so I shall post it for all of you in writing!

What is the secret of PIZZA?

Be sure to send your answer in via our contact form or even e-mail us a recording if you dare? :D
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Lastly, don't forget about our Sugary Serials short story is currently in circulation on the website! Don't miss out on the exciting end of Part II! You can always read our most current (and all our past pages of "Who is the Crimson Scarab?") at http//! Part III (the conclusion) will begin in March, so hold on to your seats! The story's going to take a wild ride~! :D

Aside from helping out the contributing artists by purchasing printed copies of Sugary Serials from IndyPlanet, we also encourage you to grab some of the download-able comics directly from the site! (Click here for the downloads page!) Please share these comics with friends and family as they are all all-age appropriate and great stories to boot!

Spreading the word is only half the battle! :D

Have a great weekend everyone!

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