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Recruiting for the nemu*nemu Street Team!

3 Ish Good!

The Lowdown:

I need your help in getting the word out about nemu*nemu! nemu*nemu is probably one of the best kept secrets in Webcomics today! I'd really like to change that and get more folks reading nemu*nemu! I really truly believe we have a great comic here and it seems the single most difficult job is to really promote my work. This is where you come in~

Introducing nemu*nemu Street Team!

I know we've got some awesome nemu*nemu fans out there and we'd love it if you'd tell the the world about nemu*nemu!
Here's how street team will work:

  • KS and I have created 4 fliers that we need help distributing! We ask that you grab the one(s) you like post them around your community!
  • For those who have website, we ask that you display some of our banners and/or buttons prominently on your site. (Bonus points if you create your own original ones!)
  • For those who have blogs, we ask that you write a short write-up about nemu*nemu - why you like this comic and so forth~

LOLpups Flyer JPG preview PWND! Flyer Preview
Peanut Butter Pirates Flyer Preview Ready For Fun Flyer preview
Note: Each preview will open a printable PDF.

We're hoping that your help will bring new readers to nemu*nemu and help me to continue working on the comic full time.

NOTE: nemu*nemu Street Team is not only for US residents! We realize a great deal of our readers are in Canada and other places outside of the US, so we'd be honored if you would join Street Team too!

Help us spread the word about our comic! :D

Note: We ask that you remain mindful of laws and legalities when posting our fliers!

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27 Replies

  • Honeul

    Wow, a web comic. I just stumbled on your site, it's interesting.. I'll read everything from the start..

    more power on your team!!

  • Amber

    I like the scurvy dogs and "Are you ready for fun?" ones. I'll print them off and post them around my campus when I get the chance. :D

  • kimonostereo

    Thank you both! Count yourselves as the first to help us out on this!

    We really appreciate your help and love for nemu*nemu! Can't wait to see where our signs go!

  • ghostkitten

    hello from germany! xD
    i'll make a german one and post them in hamburg °-°
    i think the germans are ready for real fun <3
    (omg, my english is bad.. x_x)
    über cute xD

  • kimonostereo

    Wow Germany! I wish I knew German! Let us know if you need a blank version with just the graphics and we'll send it to you!

    thank you so much!

  • Anna

    Awesome! Can't wait to get out and post these fliers ^_^ By the way, I was thinking maybe it'd be cool to open a shop (not sure when, I'm in my last year of school still). I'd just sell odds and ends, and I was wondering, if I do have a shop, if I could sell your comics and stuff? I live in Australia

  • kimonostereo

    @anna - email response sent! :-)

  • Kymori

    What is the e-mail? The link don't work for me

  • kimonostereo

    Our email is info [at] or you can use the feedback form located here

  • LilliVanilli

    How did those people blog?I want to too!It looks very fun!Lol and I'm in Nigeria but now going to Germany but u can guess I have a laptop and I'm 13 breakdance for me today!

  • LilliVanilli

    Who the heck is KeroStreo(might spell his name wrong :) ) And Whats URL?

  • Teresa

    I'm just going to tell and show my friends nemu*nemu. I can't waist paper, parents and nemu*nemu is awesome!! LOL I'm an Oahu gurl!!

  • Mandiekins

    I am in love with this site- I've told all my college friends, coworkers and old anime club members about this site.

    You are a big hit with me and my husband.

  • Ned

    I was gonna do this ages ago.. I shall do today! and post around my campus.

  • Gabi

    Yay I have been reading nemu-nemu like 3 weeks ago
    I will print the 4 posters and post them all around :P
    I'm from Peru by tha way :D
    I've been telling some friends too, but they usually don't read online comix, to bad u_u.
    But I will print the posters ASAP (as soon as possible xD)

  • Mirki

    I've really been meaning to put one of these around here. But with me being sick right now I can't, but besides that it's been rainy and snowy;_;

    I'd really love to put one of these up, and if I do, I'll even take a picture of my stuffed animal that oddly reminds me of Anpan/Nemu for you guys!XD

    I love the comics and I barely can wait for the next comics every time you bring a new one up^_^

  • Lyss

    I've got a nemu*nemu banner up on the Links page of my website! I stumbled onto the comic from a Project Wonderful ad @ Girls with Slingshots ...didn't really expect to get hooked. :) Granted, my site doesn't get a ton of traffic, but I'll pass on what I can!

  • Emi

    Umm I don't have a printer but I made a special page for the Nemu Nemu webcomic. My question is can I still be part of the street team even if I can't put out posters?

  • kitsy

    Emi: You certainly can still be a part of the street team~! Any sort of effort that you do to help us promote nemu*nemu counts. (Granted, you have to tell us about it! ^^) Be creative! :D

  • nemunemufan

    OMP!!! I LOVE THIS WEBSITE!!! I wanna be part of the street team!!! ummm... but the thing is that i have a question... can i still be part of the street team if instead of posting up flyers but emailing flyers to my friends and then to my friends friends and so on and so on?

  • FurikakeH-A-P-P-Y

    I just posted my first flyer! It was the "Don't Get PWNED" one. It was a hassle to get the japanese club's captain to let me post it on our wall, though... =_="
    I wanna put a bunch of these flyers all over my school, but "Don't Get Pwned" was the only suitable one for my High School... (I'm a two-year-ahead prodigy...) So I have a big request! Can you guys make one more flyer when you're bored? One that'll attract all the nice girls and hairy teens of my school! (Haha!)

  • Kk

    I wrote about Nemu-nemu in a blogpost, does that count for the street team? I'd be happy to put out posters, but in my area its not allowed, actully- they had put up cameras at one point if people stood too close to polls and such, heh. The blog is

    • Audra Furuichi

      That seems to be a pretty common problem, and it's understandable~ The whole point of street team is to get new readers to the comic~ if online is where your friends are, then maybe that's your "street" to advertise on!

      As for the thank you prizes~ we've already run out of the original set -- since it's been almost 2 years since we started the program. ^^; Gomen!

  • Craig

    hey I live in Trinidad and would like to use one of your characters in a logo

    • Audra Furuichi

      Hi Craig -- we appreciate your asking us, but we have to decline. Our characters are our own creation and copyrighted. For our characters to be used for other persons, groups, or entities (business or not), other than for the use of promoting nemu*nemu, it would cause confusion.

  • Makubeku

    need help translatinf to spanish? :O