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nemu*nemu Volume 2 Progress Report

0 Ish Good!

n2-swim.jpgWhat a great weekend!

Aside from completing almost all the artwork needed for Volume 2, the image to the left being a cropped preview shot at one of the covers. We're still working on the inner details, but things are coming together quite nicely! :D

Before we finalize things, is there anything you'd be interested in seeing us add to our second volume?

In the meanwhile, our Street Team is slowly building momentum! (Check our flickr feed for our latest submissions!) The lovely J. Garrington has made some awesome stamps for DeviantArt users! I just added them to our shoutboard there - if you love them as much as we do, please add them to yours!

And as we promised we would, KS and I popped in on Jerzy and Mark's premier Art & Story Alive! talkcast! Aside from a few technical difficulties, we had a great time chatting about comics. Also, Shawn Robare of Branded in the 80s joined in as well! Good times, gang!

You can listen to the whole talkcast directly from the Art & Story website or it can be subscribed to and downloaded from iTunes! (Just search for Art & Story Alive! podcast)

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6 Replies

  • JGarrington

    No problem on the stamps!

    As for things I'd love to see in the book, how about some fun puzzles? Or maybe some diary/view points from the characters?


  • kitsy

    Great points! We have some of those in the works right now! :D

    Also! I'm not sure why your gravatar's not popping up? KS says it could be the "rating"? I think he's only allowed G-rated items?

  • kimonostereo

    The only other thing I can think of that could be the problem might be if you're putting in your email addy with capital and lowercase letters but taking a look at it from the admin side shows you aren't. Hmmm.

  • kimonostereo

    When you log into you have the option of choosing a rating for your avatar. I have it set to PG and G just in case there are folks with crazy avatars!

    Maybe you didn't select a rating for your avatar? If you have, I'll have to figure out why it still isn't showing up!

  • JGarrington

    I've sent an email to grav support.
    I think it may have something to do with not getting further then the cropping tool when I try to upload an avy, so I can't rate my avy.

    Hopefully they can sort it out so you don't all have to suffer the dreaded G anymore ^_^