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[WU!] Nothing Quite Says "Hawaii" Like Pineapples and Poi

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Top news: We're about 95% done with with nemu*nemu Volume 2! This has been a year in the making and it'll be a huge sigh of relief when things are done. Editing and editing and editing some more makes the brain a little sore.

It's also official: we are listed as vendors for Fanime, under "KimonoKitsy Studios, LLC! Hurrah!

Pineapples & Poi Love

As the title says, nothing quite says "Hawaii" like pineapples and poi.

The idea has been swimming around in my head since early this morning and I decided to jot it down. It was originally in black & white, but without the word POI and its distinct purple goo, it's hard to determine what's in the container.

I'm just fascinated with how people view these two particular foods. I guess they're about associated with Hawaii as apple pies and baseball are associated with America. (There are other food choices, of course, but these two seem to evoke so many personal responses! :D)

Not sure if the two can be eaten in harmony, but they're definitely on the same wave length.

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  • Songki park

    O.o!!!! you have great artwork!! I am very surprised by how the artwork is like peach fuzz and has a distinct relationship with Golden boy!!! Keep the anime love strong!!