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[FFFA] Nemu Can Has Grilld Cheez Pleez?

0 Ish Good!

Nemu Can Has Grilld Cheese?Another week has come and gone and it's Friday! Happy Leap Year Day! :D (Not every day is February 29th!)

Just to recap some of the week, we just put all the finishing touches on Art Book #1 and nemu*nemu Volume 2! If all goes well, they should be in hand before Kawaii Kon in April! I'm really happy with how both books look and really can't wait to have them in hand!

Also, our Nemu and Anpan Fleece Hats are back in stock! We have a limited number of hats available pre-convention dates. For more detail shots and photos, check our our sales on our nemu*nemu Etsy shop!

As a note, all our future handcraft items, will be put up for sale there!

If you haven't answered our last character poll, please be sure you do so! Every vote counts!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for our next poll question and see just how everyone ranks!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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