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Tuesday Adventures in Painter X

0 Ish Good!

Just trying out a new style in Painter X~

Up until now, I've really been a Photoshop kinda gal. The tools are pretty straight-forward and it does just about everything I need for it to do (with all the fancy filters to boot!)

Painter is an enigma for me. There's so many tools/brushes/functions to customize I'm never quite sure just where to start from. Thankfully, I had been directed to a few good tutorials by Peach Fuzz' Lindsay Cibos. (Web tutorials are in the right-hand column~)

I'm currently trying out Jared's custom variant Ball-Point Pen brush and it works really well for smooth and clean lines when digitally inking. I've also been testing it out with flat colors and it works nicely - as seen with today's sketch~ :D

So far, I find my lines in Painter are much more natural and cleaner. I have to work at least 50% in Photoshop to get similar lines (without the jagged edges) and still have to do some clean up. Future illos will definitely be inked in Painter! :D

Now I just have to figure out how to get a sharpened flat eraser stroke in Painter and save it to my hotkey. (At lower pressures it has a soft blur effect... TwT;)

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2 Replies

  • JGarrington

    Those are some really create tutorials (the pdf tut link doesn't work though for me).

    As for pens, you should try this Painter X pen by what-i-do-is-secret.

    If you look at my current WIP you'll see an example of the pen at work. Forgive the roughness tho, that's how I work. But you can get a very nice smooth line with this pen.

  • kitsy

    Thanks for the tip! I'll try installing it and see how it goes~! :D