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Latest News: [Event 2018] Mid-Pacific Ho'olaule'a




0 Ish Good!

As you can tell, Anise is none-too-thrilled about being dressed up in Mimpii Club-like gear. XD

Frilly Dresses

More practicing in Painter X ensues. I just upgraded to 4GB RAM and things are moving more and more smoothly!

Let's hope this keeps up~ Having to restart Painter every other hour or so has a way of breaking my flow~ ^_^;

For those who haven't participated in our design poll, get in there and vote! We'll be closing off the polls Friday evening and starting out next one on Saturday!

As it stands, I'm pretty surprised by the results (and reactions!) :D

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  • Kana

    Anise must be mad. -_-; I could tell because she hate skirts and the vessel marks on her head.