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Poll #3 - What Would You Like To See More Of?

0 Ish Good!

Welcome to our third official nemu*nemu poll! Thanks to all the participants of our second poll! Your input is incredibly helpful, even surprising! :D

This time, we're interested in hearing about what you would like to see more of on our site!

Again, if you have more than one choice, please vote for your top choice. Be sure to write the rest of your choices a comment below!

Results of Poll #3

Thanks for participating! This poll will run until Friday, March 14th! Make your vote count!

Update: Thanks for participating! This poll has officially closed! See above for our results!

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15 Replies

  • Larry Fabulous

    Thank you for your site and your comics!! I'm in China for a year and miss my Hawaii home terribly...nemu-nemu is such a welcome treat in my Inbox (and one of the few American things I can see that isn't blocked by "The Great Firewall") so I really appreciate everything you put into it :)

  • kitsy

    Larry: Thanks so much! It really means a lot to me to hear from folks (like yourself!) who read nemu*nemu! (I'm also surprised to hear that it's readily available for view in your neck of the woods as well! :D)

    I'll do my best to keep these strips coming and make this site enjoyable for all our visitors! :D

  • Mally

    Wait, you has podcasts? O:!

  • kitsy

    Mally: Indeed! The pups have their own recorded shorts! ( :D

  • Lindsey

    tutorials on what? O.o

  • kitsy

    Lindsey: I was thinking of art-related tutorials, my process, etc~ :D

    Or likewise, if I ever get craftsy enough, we can just post patterns people can use to make their own goods at home~ :D (for little sewing or fimo crafts)

  • Sophia

    Of COURSE we would like daily comics... but seeing as how I think I'd also like you guys to actually have some semblance of a life/sanity, I went with shop items =) What better way to give back, right?

  • Jasmin

    I would also vote for more Freebies and Games. I would like daily comics but I think it would make you really busy ^^
    But thank you very much for the comics! I love them :3

  • kimonostereo

    Thanks for all the wonderful feedback! Please keep it coming! You all are helping to shape the future of nemu*nemu.

  • Shawn Robare

    Tutorials would be cool, and I'm always partial listening to creator's podcasts about process and daily stuff. Of course I really dig the pup's podcast as well...

  • Carrie

    If I had a second vote, I would go with t-shirts. I love cute t-shirts, and they're like free advertising for nemu*nemu that people pay for! I can absolutely see myself walking down the street with Nemu and his grilled cheese on. Just make sure they're not just babydolls, as there are lots of people who don't like them.

  • Chizel

    I'd love to see some tutorails on drawing!! I'm an artist myself, but I ADMIRE you!!!!

  • kitsy

    Chizel & Shawn: Wow~ I'll have to definitely start drafting up some tutorials up! I'm glad there's some interest!

    Carrie: Babydolls? Are those the really fitted women's shirts? I think we're getting some scoop neck tops specifically for women, but they're not really fitted, just "stretchy". Luckily, we always double our designs with a unisex style shirt~ :D

  • Lindsey

    Tutorials sound awesome. My drawings are similar to that of Nemu's... =]

  • Chizel

    If I had a second vote, it would be for freebies. I would love a nemu*nemu wallpaper, or icon to put on my site.