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[Event Report] - Reliving School Memories

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Greetings all!

I'm back and fully-rested from a full-on day in Central Oahu!

What started out as a 1 hour meeting with Aiea Intermediate School students, turned out to be a day-long event spanning from AIS to the Pearl City Public Library!

A Photo in a Photo!
A few months ago, I was invited by AIS Art instructor, Mr. Chang to come and talk to his Anime & Manga Club about making webcomics! What was originally scheduled to be an hour-long meet during lunch, turned into a full day event spanning the entire school day!

I had a blast talking with art students about nemu*nemu, previewing some up-and-coming merchandise, and demonstrating how I create our tri-weekly strips. Some students took such a liking to the fleece hats and plush pups that they pup-napped them for a couple class periods.

nemu*nemu gift fanart!

While there, I got to meet some die-hard nemu*nemu fans, some of whom gifted us with awesome fan and gift art~! :D Yay!

Photos are currently available in our flickr feed! (I'll be putting scans up later in our fanart gallery!)

Right as soon as school ended, I had to quickly pack up all my goods and rush out to the parking lot to meet my ride to my second destination of the day - the Young Adult Librarian meeting.

YA Librarians Talk
There, I had the opportunity to discuss the possibility of doing island-wide talks at various libraries regarding the art of webcomics with young adult patrons. Incorporating the internet as a medium to encourage reading is the goal for their summer reading program. Very exciting!

So I'm happy to say that my first foray in solo public speaking on behalf of nemu*nemu has been a success! :D

I'm looking forward to more events in the near future! :D

In the meanwhile!!

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