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Oh Dental Woes is Me...

0 Ish Good!

I'm So Blogging This...My teeth must seriously hate me.

This is how my weekend faired: Noticed a dark spot in my molar. Called the dentist, found I had a crack somewhere and promptly had the filling replaced. Noticed a lot of bite sensitivity, went back for a temporary filling. Noticed a lot of cold sensitivity, went back to get fitted for a crown. After the maximum amount of shots and nerve blockers, I could still feel the drill, my dentist decided to call the endodontist for an "emergency" root canal. Endodontist wasn't available until Thursday, so she did a partial root canal on me this morning while I was still mostly numb. >_<;;

So I am to go in on Thursday for the full root canal, then wait about a month until I can be fitted for the crown (again).

And thus, I have run out of dental insurance until July. *cry*

Help? T_T;

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8 Replies

  • Tiff

    Be thankful you don't have to have all your teeth removed and replaced... without insurance... which is what I'm looking at right now. :P

  • kitsy

    Tiff: OMP! Indeed I'm very thankful that things haven't quite come to that yet~! T_T!

    When they say hearing is often the first thing to go with old age, I have to beg to differ! XD;

  • Tiff

    When the genetic lottery hands you small teeth... they don't hold up well. :D
    At the very least, it's good to live in a time when such things CAN be done and with far less pain!
    Take extra strength tylenol. It does WONDERS for tooth pain in the meantime!

  • kitsy

    i was just thinking about that this past weekend!

    I can't imagine what visits to the dentist were like before we had this kind of technology. o_o... *shiver*

  • Periapex

    I'm sure you'll be in good hands with the endodontist and then be able put this entire dental adventure behind you. You'll have a stronger tooth for it...

  • Aluria

    Wow, boy am I thankful that all I've had done was an expander and braces and that was many years ago. Glad you had insurance, hopefully nothing else big happens this year>.<

  • kimonostereo

    Donations are always welcome! Looks like the bills are going to be big for this and the upcoming implant T_T;

    Anyone feeling generous?

  • kitsy

    Periapex: I hope so, myself! I really look forward to the day I have a full set of healthy teeth! It sure gets tough (not to mention, tiring!) when I'm forced to chew with my front teeth all the time!

    Aluria: I have my fingers crossed! If everything goes well, I should be back to "normal" by the end of the year! ^_^;