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T-shirt photos UP! Part I (Updates)

0 Ish Good!

As we're getting our shirts back from the printers, we took the opportunity this weekend to take photos of our shirt designs being worn! Yay!

For those interested in ordering (or who have already preordered!), we hope this is a good size reference for you!

Panzilla Unisex Large Front Peanut Butter Pirates Women's Large Side Peanut Butter Pirates Women's Large Back

We went with different companies this year. The unisex styles are very comparable to last year's designs in feel, weight, and size. The women's sizes are a little different. We have 2 styles, a "jersey" (very similar to last year's shirt), and a stretchy, slightly fitted womens' cut shirt (no photos of those yet- they're being printed as we speak!)

We have sizes from S-XL available, but we might have miscalculated on our women's shirts as they feel smaller than last year's shirts. So if you comfortably fit a large last year, we suggest you purchase our X-Large. The shirt sizes are most felt around the shoulders. If you are in doubt, please purchase one size up.

If you are looking for younger children and very petite/slender gals, we suggest the women's shirts in small.

T-shirt preorders will be available until April 11th or until our pre-order reserve stash is spoken for!

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