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Sugary Serials Finale & Behind the Scenes (Part I)

0 Ish Good!

Our 3-part story, "Who is the Crimson Scarab?" has finally come to a close on Sugary Serials! (Please note: this link leads our spoiler-ific end! To read from the beginning, read on:)

If you missed out, no worries! There are a couple ways you can read our story!

First off, it's archived on Sugary Serials HERE! (This is the best way to read it, in the order intended!)
Second, you can purchase copies of Sugary Serials issues - which not only comes directly from Indy Planet in mint condition, hot off the press, but also every purchase helps support us artists! (We're in issues #4-6!)
Third, you can download full issues of Sugary Serials in PDF, PSP, and CBZ format for free!

KS and I will be putting together our own collected edition of "Who is the Crimson Scarab?" with bonus materials!

Also, to commemorate the finale, KS put together a comprehensive "behind the scenes" post detailing the drafting, inking, and basic coloring stages:

Click here to read KS' post!

Part II, covering the coloring stages will be written by me later this week!

In the meanwhile! Don't forget that March 31 11pm Hawaii Standard Time is our Street Team entry deadline!

Visit our Street Team gallery feed on flickr!

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5 Replies

  • Some guy from the interwebs

    What a delicious treat of cute!

    PS: the first link refer to the last page, you should probably change it not to spoil it.

  • kitsy


    I might have to put a spoiler! alert for the first link as it does give away the ending - After today, the top comic will rotate off, so the link will be spoiler-free again~ :D

  • nunuu

    Hee! What a cute ending! ^o^ Anpan should make the final cut though! XD

    Can't wait for the collection!!

    Say, have you guys thought about looking into small merchandise like keychains, magnets, cell phone straps, or things like letter sets? :OOOOOOOOO I collect them all so adding nemu*nemu to the stuff would be super neat! *o*

  • kitsy

    Kou: We're actually working on it for the conventions! We haven't quite got it down to where we're happy with the prototypes, but close!
    We haven't thought about the letter/stationary sets yet, but that's actually a really good idea~ ^^ Must see if we can find an economical way of printing everything~ :D

  • Amber

    I really enjoyed that! Good work!