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And The Results Are In!

0 Ish Good!

The lots all written out! Hey everyone!

So sorry for the delay! I stayed up late last night to prep all the ballots for our drawing. We intended to videotape the event, but neither of us looked in good shape for a camera appearance. X_X; (So much for good intentions~! ^^;;)

So this is how it went down: Everyone who contacted us with posts/photos/links related to our street team got one lot with their name on it for each and every effort. As you can see in our flickr gallery, we had some really enthusiastic participants posting our fliers on dorm room walls, grocery market bulletin boards, to even Alcatraz and VIZ media's showroom. We got to see little bits of the world outside of these 4 walls of nemu*nemu and we hope that some of that outside world comes to visit us here!

The drawing!As promised, each and every participant will receive a special thank you from us in the mail. It may not be much, but I sincerely would like to thank each of you for all the work you've done for us.

The winner of the nemu*nemu Street Team Grand Prize is...

Allison T.

We will be mailing out all packages sometime late next week! Once again, a big thanks goes out to all our Peanut Butter Pirates! I will be personally contacting you via e-mail shortly!

Last note: For any one who has missed out on our grand prize drawing, but would still like to be a part of our street team, we welcome your participation! Follow this link to find our fliers! Be sure to tell us about it! We'd like to send you a little something special in the mail as well!

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  • Anna

    Oh awesome! I'm so glad I can still participate! ^^ Me being Miss. Tried-to-stick-up-to-posters-and-failed :P I still have a few places I can try