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Monday News

0 Ish Good!

Hi folks!

This past weekend was a prime-time recharge batteries session before hitting things into high gear for the first of our conventions this year, Kawaii Kon!

A few noteworthy things:

1) All our shirts for 2008 have finally come in! All preorders are being shipped today. If you are interested in purchasing any of these shirts, be sure to put your orders through before April 11th. We cannot guarantee that they will be in stock post-convention in your size or preferred style/color.

2) Our first order of books are shipping as we speak! They probably won't arrive until next week. We are reserving most of our stock for upcoming convention and local sales. However, if you are interested in just purchasing a copy, they will be on sale at IndyPlanet in the near future. (Because shipping to Hawaii is costly and space is limited, we will only be selling autographed editions of our books for with an additional fee in our online shop.) I'll keep everyone posted as things happen!

3) Jason Yadao of the Honolulu Star Bulletin covered our 2nd anniversary in his Monday column, Cel Shaded! [link]

4) Our latest East Oahu Sun strip is up for view! It's a little late for Easter, but cute nonetheless!

East Oahu Sun - April 2008

5) All 3 issues with our Sugary Serials contributions are available at IndyPlanet! We've linked them in our shop for easy access! Stay tuned for our special compiled edition coming soon!

BTW, how have you folks been liking the tutorials thus far? I'm brainstorming more ideas as I go along, so if there's anything you're curious about, just let me know!

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