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Artist Seeking Inker?

0 Ish Good!

Hi folks~!

Occasionally, I come across news from fellow comic artists looking for assistance - I figure if I can spread the word to a few more people, eventually the right person will be found for the job!

Lindsay Cibos of is looking for an inker to help her with her latest project, Cloverleaf Cafe. She is a prolific professional comic artist and is best known for her work with TokyoPop as the creator of "Peach Fuzz"!

Interested? For more information, follow this link to her Livejournal entry!

Island PupsIn the meanwhile, KS and I have been super busy with all things nemu*nemu! The countdown to Kawaii Kon has started and I've been so preoccupied with convention related stuff, a few things slipped my mind... like putting together my ad for Fanime. >__<;; I still hold out hope that I can still submit something tomorrow... *crosses fingers*

We just found out yesterday that we had an article in the East Oahu People (an division of the Honolulu Advertiser)! [link] I'm so amused! The photo was from last year's article, except I was cropped out. We had no idea this was being printed, so when KS started getting congratulatory messages via e-mail and at work, he had no clue just what people were talking about! XD;

Needless to day, it's been an interesting week thus far~

Lots of stuff being planned for the summer months. I'm a little sad that we most likely won't be able to attend San Diego Comic Con like we semi-planned as the airfare and hotels are a little too expensive for our meager budget... but perhaps it's all for the best in the long run.

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2 Replies

  • Shawn Robare

    Yeah, we ditched out on San Diego this year as well for the same reasons. I'm not sure on your end, but for us airfare was insane, like downpayment on a new car insane.

  • kitsy

    It's about that much for us as well... Especially with 3 less airlines and the sheer number of summertime travelers. T_T;