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[Helpful Stuffs] Kensington DomeHub USB 2.0

0 Ish Good!

Kensington DomeHub USB2.0 in boxIf you've been following me on Twitter, I've been suffering from "dying mouse syndrome" over the past few months. I couldn't tell if it was the mouse or the batteries dying and it was highly frustrating when it would mysteriously stop working. After going so far as replacing my mouse with a brand new one and encountering the very same problem did I start checking other things. When I noticed that my USB hub wasn't properly powering devices, I asked KS to research some possible replacements.

We finally decided on picking up the Kensington DomeHub USB 2.0. It was given the thumbs up by Daring Fireball's John Gruber and seemed to be the right size for my needs. This thing has 7 USB2.0 ports, which is great for my printer, PowerMate, mouse... not to mention my iPhone, ipod, and photo card reader. Another neat thing is that it comes with a 6 foot USB extension cord and a USB powered light. (Not sure what I'm going to use the FlyLight for, but it's cool- and bright!)

So far, so good - it seems to be powering all my minor peripheral devices with no problem. (I still reserve my direct iMac ports for my high-powered devices like my Cintiq and Snowball - especially if I depend on it being on...) The dome design also sits stably on my desktop without shifting around, unlike my previous cheap-o 4-port Belkin.

Why did I not invest in something like this earlier? >_<;

I can only hope this definitively solves all my "dying device" problems. *__*

Kensington DomeHub USB2.0 in use
DomeHub on my desk powering lots of stuff + FlyLight~!

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4 Replies

  • Nickelpin

    Awesome, thanks for this product rec - it's really long overdue replacing my el cheapo USB hub but I've been too lazy to research for something as well designed as this. It's so cute and round!!!

  • kimonostereo

    I think the best part of this hub aside from the design, is that it is weighted. The old hub on Kitsy's desk would flip upward when too many things were plugged into it.

    I want one of these now!

  • TempleDog

    I've been using a ratty lil' usb port from a factory store. Gonna go get me one of these as soon as I can find one here in Toronto. Cheers!

  • kimonostereo

    If you can't find one in your area, be sure to click on the link above and get it from :-)

    We fixed the broken link just in case anyone was looking to get one. And by clicking on the link and purchasing, it supports nemu*nemu!